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Be a constant reminder of the power of change in humanity and inspire others in their own legacy of love, hope, and joy, with the unwavering strength and wholeheartedness of an ant.
Print"The Ant Hill team has constructed an educational entertainment company that integrates lessons of love, encouragement and strength for life. Jane and the Ant Hill team uses the power of ants (those little insects that go above and beyond what is expected) to positively influence the life of children and their families." Read More


From reading about the birth of Ant Hill and becoming acquainted with Jane Hill, we knew instantly that we were apart of something much greater than ourselves. Jane Hill’s story is a powerful one that touched us dearly and whole heartedly. We were so honored and humbled that she would share her story with us. Ariana Neal is our seven year old daughter that was chosen to be apart of Ant Hill. We could not have asked for a better opportunity for our daughter. The life lessons that Ant Hill teaches are lessons that are very important to us and our family. We see the vision, but most of all we BELIEVE in the mission of Ant Hill. If others were given the opportunity to experience Ant Hill, we feel they would be truly inspired and excited about her vision and her work, as we have been.

Anna & Aaron Neal