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Be a constant reminder of the power of change in humanity and inspire others in their own legacy of love, hope, and joy, with the unwavering strength and wholeheartedness of an ant.
Print"The Ant Hill team has constructed an educational entertainment company that integrates lessons of love, encouragement and strength for life. Jane and the Ant Hill team uses the power of ants (those little insects that go above and beyond what is expected) to positively influence the life of children and their families." Read More


I am Pastor Marlin Harris, senior pastor of New Life Church in Lithonia, GA. This correspondence is regarding Ant Hill, Inc. I have been acquainted with Jane Hill, president of Ant Hill, Inc. for 3 years now and I have not found a more honest, god-fearing and genuine person. Her program is, only at surface, to children, but her message has a reverberating impact on the whole family. Ant Hill was birthed out of the pain of the loss of her husband, and subsequently, that tragedy opened up a whole new world of inspiration for Jane. Her insight, passion and creativity is a breath of fresh air, in regards to how Children’s programs and creative music is done. She is naturally gifted, and demonstrates her genius creativity through song, short skits and character creation with sound responsibility. Working with Ant Hill has been a very wise and safe decision for our church.

Jane has developed a program that reaches beyond the normative boxes of children and goes directly to the core of a child’s heart. Ant Hill, Inc. takes the simple notion of the ant, and personifies its attributes and qualities through insightful lessons and concepts that, not only, to children but to Adults as well. Our church has utilized her program on a reoccurring basis, and we have seen it’s impact in our children’s lives, as well as their parents. I highly recommend Ant Hill, Inc to schools, churches, para-church organizations, youth camps, day care centers and even for personal family and business events. You will find that Jane, and her entire program concept, will produce a memorable experience that will last for years to come. Should you desire to discuss Jane, and Ant Hill, Inc. further, please don’t hesitate to contact me at (770) 322-6262.

Pastor Marlin Harris